All years of the ESCs are now on DVD.

The quality is good up to superior, depending on  the source. In most cases the footage are directly copied from studio-DV-tapes or similar material. Therefore, the quality is nearly lossless to its original recording.


The sound is stereo/surround/Dolby Digital 2.0/5.1 from 1983 till today.

Picture is colour since 1968.

The commentary track differs from 1 to 5 different languages/commentaries for each year, most common language tracks are english/german/ NO commentary. You can choose it during the show with your remote control anytime!


The footage is digitized to DigitalVideo format, and encoded to MPEG2 with the following parameters:

Picture: MPEG2, bitrate min. 2000, max. 8000, av. 5000.

Sound: MPEG1 layer 2, 256 kBit/s, stereo or Dolby Digital / stereo.

ESCs with a running time up to 2 hours, 1 DVD, above 2 hrs. a second DVD.






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