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The ESCs on DVD-project. Alle ESC auf DVD ! Digitale Qualitaet. Bestellung möglich. Order now you desired ESC on DVD InterMedium Bremen

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Intermedium´s official homepage of all our Eurovision Song Contests on DVD and BluRay.

(ESCs, previews and national finals)




- ESC 2019 is now! available on BluRay HD 1080i (incl. semifinals) on 3 BD set, none/ger /eng 5.1 DD and as MKV stram.

-Pre 2019 available on BluRay HD 1080p official videos!

- German National Final 2019 is available now on BluRay, or as MKV file.

 - all ESC-material are now available in several formats!

(e. g. BluRays as MKV or m2ts with all audio tracks and chapters,

DVDs as MPG-file with all audio tracks as well.)

Please leave me an email (CONTACT) for further details.





updated: 05.06.2019