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The ESCs on DVD-project. Alle ESC auf DVD ! Digitale Qualitaet. Bestellung möglich. Order now you desired ESC on DVD InterMedium Bremen

Welcome to the private project site of




Intermedium´s private collectors homepage of all our Eurovision Song Contests on DVD and BluRay.

(ESCs, previews and national finals)



- ESC 2024 on BluRay now incl. semifinals (3 disc-set)

 - all other ESC-material are in several formats!

(e. g. BluRays as MKV or m2ts with all audio tracks and chapters,

DVDs as MPG-file with all audio tracks as well.)

Please leave me an email for any suggestions.


Previews and German Final 2024 also on BluRay now.


The new ESC BluRay AI enhanced upscaled versions project move on! More ESC are enhanced now (in BluRay section)


click here for a sample: ->__

· About the new AI enhanced upscaled Blurays:
The material in e. g. 1980 BluRay was fully remastered and with a new AI engine enhanced to HD 1920x1080.
This is a new technique that takes much time, but makes it look that fantasic! Please see the example file for further details:-)

More years to come!