All  this ESCs - previews  are on DVDs right now:


1974 avaiable
pre 2017 pre 2018
pre 2019 pre 2020
pre 2021  
DVDs discontinued from 2019  



Here are some information about the footage material:

Previews are the video clips from the songs of each year. Previews are NOT the show itselfes.

This clip are given to the delegations before the contest wich are shared with the broadcasting stations to make up their mind.

All above years are now on DVD. The quality is good up to superior, depending on the source. In most cases the footage are directly copied from studio-DV-tapes or similar material. Therefore the quality is nearly lossles to its original recording. The sound is stereo/surround from 1986 to 2005. Picture is color since 1969. The commentary is almost none. The footage is digitized to DigitalVideo format, and encoded to MPEG2 with the following parameters:

 Picture: MPEG2/ MPEG4 H264, bitrate min. 2000, max. 25 Mbit/sec, av. 10 Mbit.

 Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 / 5.1, 384-640 kBit/s, stereo/dolby digital.

 All audio tracks are SYNCHRON to the picture in every edition/any year !

ESCs with a runningtime up to 2 hours, 1 DVD disc is used, above 2 hrs. a second DVD.



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